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FREE GIFT: Foundations of Astrology

Brand baby new to Astrology and trying to understand where to even begin? The Big 3 is what you need. This is:

  1. Your Sun Sign
  2. Your Moon Sign
  3. Your Rising/Ascendant Sign

You could literally spend the next few months only studying these three parts of your chart and still harvest layers and layers of wisdom. Let's dive in and get you started so you can get the MOST out of YOUR ASTROLOGY CHART.

Astrology for Real Connection

Astrology can be a powerful tool to facilitate a deeper connection to yourself, your Great and Powerful God and to others that you get to and have to interact with. This course takes you through the 4 basic dimensions of understanding astrology in a simplified way with lots of visuals and details.


Parenting by the Stars: Raising Kings + Queens

Connection with our children seems like it should come naturally and easily but some days it's just clear that it doesn't. We can often feel overwhelmed and not sure how to move forward as these amazing children that have been sent to us go through all their different times and seasons of their own lives. I created Parenting by the Stars so help parents and children connect more easily and with greater depth. Dive in and discover layers of them, and you, that were previously unseen.


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