Light-Filled Astrology™ for Real Connection

Everyone that I have ever met has benefitted from some form of validation for them being who they TRULY are. Down at your core level, there is a beauty and a gift that only you can offer to the world. But often we hide that gift or fail to recognize it because we do not realize the difference between who we "should be" and who we ARE. 

This course with full THREE HOURS of VIDEO CONTENT Valued at over $1100 invites you to release the identity that someone/society/life has told you that you are and embrace who you TRULY ARE. So you can finally step into who you are meant to BE.  

Dive in with Instant Access and learn about you and the gloriousness that you BE!! 

✨ Be Light

4 Sections

Dimension 1: The 12 Energies of the Zodiac

There are 12 Signs of the Zodiac and each has their own unique energy and flow. Let's cover them and be ready to take notes! This will help YOU understand YOU but also will help you understand those that you love. 

Dimension 2: The Planets as Filters

Each of the planets and celestial bodies such as the Moon and certain comets filter the energy coming through them in the 12 signs. Let's take it to this level and learn what we can about YOUR planets!

Dimension 3: The Houses as Undercurrents

Once you understand the first two it's time to introduce HOUSES. This gets a little deeper and opens up so many layers of understanding into you and those you love. It is astounding how this piece enriches everything about Astrology!

Dimension 4: Aspects or Relationships Within

While this gets complicated FAST if you stick with me I'll get you to where you understand that THIS is where it all comes together. Understanding the basics before this IS super helpful, of course, but once you grasp the relationships that your own planets have to each other, everything about why you are the way you are will make incredible sense.

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