FREE MINI COURSE: Light-Filled Astrology + Human Design™ Foundations

Brand baby new to Astrology + Human Design and trying to understand where to even begin? Or just wanting to find a teacher who you can trust to teach from a place of LIGHT? This is what you need: 77 minutes of pure content.

In Astrology, the most foundational concept is Your Big 3. These are:

  1. Your Sun Sign
  2. Your Moon Sign
  3. Your Rising/Ascendant Sign

And in Human Design, to begin you've got to know your:

  • Aura Type
  • Strategy
  • Authority
  • Profile Lines

You could literally spend the next few months only studying these most basic parts of your charts and still harvest layers and layers of wisdom. Let's dive in and get you started so you can get the MOST out of YOUR ASTROLOGY + HUMAN DESIGN CHARTS.

Click the link below to get INSTANT ACCESS as my gift to you. 

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Light-Filled Astrology™ Foundations

Here you are! So glad you made it. Let's learn about Light-Filled Astrology together.

Light-Filled Human Design™ Foundations

This is what you've been waiting for! Click the button below for your Light-Filled Human Design Foundations Mini Course.

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