Light-Filled Human Design™

THIS is what you have been waiting for! An entire course dedicated to Light-Filled Human Design.

This course with full FIVE HOURS of VIDEO CONTENT Valued at over $1800 I wanted to keep this super accessible to you. This course will be a vital step for you in learning to manage your energy levels, guide your decision making and find peace, satisfaction, success and delight.

I love that this is available to you instantly and as much and as long as you need. Please let me know what you think and I can hardly wait for you to get all of this highly valuable, life-changing information.

✨ Be Light

8 Sections

Deep Dive into Light-Filled Human Design

Let's take a quick peek at what you're set to learn here about Light-Filled Human Design - right from my heart to yours.

The 6 Lines

Line by line, these go over the different archetypes of humanity and have a lot of say about your preferences, talents and personality.

Your Incarnation Cross

With 192 different Incarnation Crosses, this holds great information about your life path and what you are here to do.


Definition will help you to know how to govern your interactions with others and may explain a lot about why you feel the inner flow, or lack thereof.

Sections for this program 8

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