Parenting by the Stars: Raising Kings + Queens

Connection with our children seems like it should come naturally and easily but some days it's just clear that it doesn't. We can often feel overwhelmed and not sure how to move forward as these amazing children that have been sent to us go through all their different times and seasons of their own lives.

I created Parenting by the Stars so help parents and children connect more easily and with greater depth.

Dive in and discover layers of them, and you, that were previously unseen.

8 Modules

You're Doing Better than You Know {& HERE'S WHY}

If I could sit down with you and tell you a handful of things at this stage of your journey, this would be it. I wanted to give you a sneak peek into what this course will offer you. This is the first Module but it's here for you to dive in.

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The Big 3 {Sun, Moon + Rising} Combo

This is where it all starts to come together! The Big 3 are your Sun Sign, your Moon Sign and your Rising or Ascendant Sign. Just these alone will give you WELLS of information about your child.

The 12 Zodiac Signs for Raising Royalty

Let's go through all of the 12 Energies of the Zodiac together. This one will blow your mind and open up possibilities of seeing your child and their behavior in ways you didn't even know you didn't know.

The 12 Houses for Raising Royalty

Now that you know the 12 Signs and you are looking at what YOUR child's Big 3 are, let's go deeper and get into some more layers of awesome with the 12 Houses.

Aspect Basics + The Big 3 for Raising Royalty

You're doing great! Look at all you've learned! Now this one is a lot more complex but if you're ready for it this will peel back the layers of what just hasn't made sense before and suddenly it all comes together.

Strong Connections to your Young Kings + Queens

Connection is really what it is all about. You can KNOW all of the things but until you feel that strong CONNECTION what is the point of any of it? Let's strengthen those connections you have with your wonderful children.

BONUS! Healing the Inner Child

I deeply believe that one of the most powerful things we can do for our children as parents is to HEAL OURSELVES. Now that you've gone through everything for your children, let's go BACK through and do that for YOU.

Modules for this program 8

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