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Hello there love.

You know when you go to a restaurant and you want EVERYTHING but you don't really know where to start or even if it's good. The chef may be incredible or it could send you running. You just don't really know. But you've heard good things and you want to dive in but you would really just like a little taste of everything before you commit. 

Well, that's why I've put together the Light-Filled Sampler for you. I know that you may be considering diving into one or more of these amazing programs that I have here in the Learning Vault. Here's a sampler of one full video from each of my programs for you to try out! And for just $33 it's absolutely outrageous and you'll get way more value out of these videos than you're paying. And should you want to go deeper with any of them, there's a module that will open up when you go through them all for a discount code.

Go through them as you desire and email with any questions. 

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Light-Filled Astrology™ for Real Connection

Everyone that I have ever met has benefitted from some form of validation for them being who they TRULY are. Down at your core level, there is a beauty and a gift that only you can offer to the world. But often we hide that gift or fail to recognize it because we do not realize the difference between who we "should be" and who we ARE. 

This course with full THREE HOURS of VIDEO CONTENT Valued at over $1100 invites you to release the identity that someone/society/life has told you that you are and embrace who you TRULY ARE. So you can finally step into who you are meant to BE.  

Dive in with Instant Access and learn about you and the gloriousness that you BE!! 

✨ Be Light

Light-Filled Human Design™

THIS is what you have been waiting for! An entire course dedicated to Light-Filled Human Design.

This course with full FIVE HOURS of VIDEO CONTENT Valued at over $1800 I wanted to keep this super accessible to you. This course will be a vital step for you in learning to manage your energy levels, guide your decision making and find peace, satisfaction, success and delight.

I love that this is available to you instantly and as much and as long as you need. Please let me know what you think and I can hardly wait for you to get all of this highly valuable, life-changing information.

✨ Be Light

Light-Filled Parenting™

Connection with our children seems like it should come naturally and easily but some days it's just clear that it doesn't. We can often feel overwhelmed and not sure how to move forward as these amazing children that have been sent to us go through all their different times and seasons of their own lives.

I created Parenting by the Stars so help parents and children connect more easily and with greater depth.

Dive in and discover layers of them, and you, that were previously unseen.

Light-Filled Astrology™ Certification Program

As the first Light-Filled Astrology™ teacher in the world, the way that I did sessions and taught my classes was truly different. I've been called to do this. And it wasn't long until I was repeatedly invited to do a Certification course. And this is it.

I wish I would have had this when I was learning Astrology, and as most big things that we do in life, we become what we once needed and this is precisely that. I'm so glad that you are here and honored to be your teacher.

11% OFF Any of these Programs

Click through here for a special code for 11% off ANY of these programs that are sampled here. And during the ECLIPSE PORTAL there's a 33% OFF CODE!!

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